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DineWight Standard

The reasonable standards of which restaurants must meet and uphold to be on DineWight to give diners confidence in where they choose to eat and drink.


The DineWight Standard is a set of reasonable standards a restaurant must meet to be eligible for a listing on DineWight, giving diners confidence they are choosing from the best places to eat and drink on the Isle of Wight.

Learn more about the standards below.


Restaurants must meet and uphold these standards to be on DineWight. We reserve the right to remove restaurants who do not uphold these standards.

  1. Main Menu
  2. Public Information
  3. Food Hygiene Rating

1. Main Menu

  • Main Menu / Sample Menu as PDF.

Must be at least one main menu for food available as a document in PDF format. The main menu can include drinks, other courses, and other menus. We recommend keeping different menus separate to make it clear and obvious to diners what is available. If additional menus are available, these will be included along with the main menu.

2. Public Information

Up-to-date online public information published by the restaurant.

  • Public Website or Social Media Page.
  • Up-To-Date Online Information (e.g. photos, menus, open hours).
  • Quality Photo(s) of the Restaurant Experince (1 or more at least 1,000px wide and 500px high).

3. Food Hygiene Rating

  • FSA Hygiene Rating of 3 or more.

Rating as currently published on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website.

Learn more / Lookup your hygiene rating

Waiting for your first hygiene assessment? We will publish your listing before the assessment and we will review your restaurant again when the FSA have published a rating for your restaurant following their assessment.

Waiting on a higher rating to be published? If you are currently rated at 3 or below but have recently been reassessed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and now have a rating of 3 or higher, please appeal to us and attach a photocopy of the written confirmation of a higher rating as provided by the FSA. We will then be able to publish you ahead of your rating being published on the FSA website which can take a few weeks.

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